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Flourishing Package 2 Preorder


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This package contains the "Getting Back to Eden" book required to complete the Flourish[ing] Journey, as well as the Flourish[ing] Planner, an extension of the Journey content that will help you move through the day with confidence.


Written by Yakaira Redding, Lead Pastor of Highlight Church.

Yakaira Redding (or Kaira for short), has a passion to see women flourish in soul, mind, and body. The Flourish[ing] Journey was born through a burden to see women educated in every area of their lives. Pastor Kaira found that if a woman is not caring for herself well in these three areas – soul, mind, and body – they are not tapping into the full potential that God has for them.

Kaira worked over 10 years as a critical care registered nurse and has spent three years diving deep into physical, mental, and emotional health. During this Flourish[ing] Journey, you will hear her own personal testimonies of healing.

Her hope is that you would flourish in every area of your life by applying these practical disciplines and habits. You were destined for impact, and on this journey, you will be one step closer to learning how.